Color pencil on paper, 2013
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Untitled by Sebastian Reiser
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Though, continuing on that idea, it’s interesting to think about the progression of written language. It’s not too far a reach to read 19th century novels and be able to find yourself having full comprehension of what the author has seemingly intended to communicate. There’s also the mindset of such a type of writing, as in having the intention for a certain type of written work to last as long as it can. In that way internet snippets feel as though they have a much more ephemeral purpose, and despite this they linger so long as to become a tad unsavory in style being reread years later. Academic works aside, reading brief writings from years past has the potential to land not too far from being nauseating. In practice—at the time of a particular writing, the thought hadn’t occurred, “hah, maybe in a few years I’ll read this and think I’d been an eccentric overzealous being.”

Yet, here we are. Happy 2014.

at least . .. I no longer use the word ‘derp’ . . … or any of it’s derivatives . . ….

troubling times

by  Sunset

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Darjeeling Limited


Bert WoottonSinking Towards The Abyss Has Never Felt So Bliss, 2011
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From Transition -part 3
Lauren Marsolier
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~   Jean-Paul Sartre, La Nausée (via sdbeauvoir)

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by  The Kinks

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Rachel Treliving

Kink Book is a body text typeface for use in short texts and books printed on rough or uncoated paper. It was created at Type Clinic, Slovenia in February 2014.

There’s also a lovely interview with Rachel, a recent graduate from the Plymouth College of Art, on It’s Nice That.


A cartoon by Farley Katz. For more cartoons from the magazine this week:
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Opaque  by  andbamnan